You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want. -Zig Ziglar

Who We Are?

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We are EasternExpress Advisors – a new generation investment advisory and wealth management firm established in 2017 based out of the satellite city of Thane.

We are a set of enterprising, grounded and principled individuals who wish to set benchmarks on providing high quality services at an affordable cost.

We believe in building lasting relationship by offering the best possible investment advice and tailored solutions ensuring our clients make prudent financial decisions in harmony with their financial goals.

This famous quotation of Zig Ziglar, the world renowned corporate motivator, inspires our focus on spreading financial understanding / awareness to help you in taking productive investment decisions to live a rewarding life today while preparing for tomorrow.

Goals are dreams...we convert to plans and take action to fulfill -Zig Ziglar

Mission / Vision

Guide our clients in successfully achieving their life’s dreams, goals and milestones through uncompromising integrity, trust and personalized service.

Our core philosophy

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Sound financial planning allows the clients’ financial objectives to be addressed and refined, empowering them to focus on what is truly important to them. Clients’ being the focal point in our success, our core philosophy entails:

  • Protecting investor capital at all times;
  • Delivering market beating risk-adjusted returns over long term;
  • Creating sustainable and lasting wealth for our clients.

We believe and follow these core values with utmost accountability, integrity and honesty; and these core values define us for who we are and the value-add we bring; ensuring that you get consistent, unbiased and sound advice on everything financial.

While doing all of the above, we ensure that we:

  • Stay focused on the client objectives and mandate;
  • Remain ethical and true to our investment philosophy;
  • Remain cost competitive so that we deliver the most cutting edge services at affordable price;
  • Be known as a trusted investment partner with impeccable reputation.