A penny saved is a penny earned -Benjamin Franklin

InvestmentmriSM scan

InvestmentMRISM or (Measured Return Indicator) is a report that analyses the current state of affairs of the individual’s finances.

This report is a good starting point to give shape to your financial condition and take control over your personal finances.

The key parameters that this report addresses include:

  • Financial Liquidity risk of the household
  • Debt servicing capability of the individual
  • Individual’s financial return profile status – below average, Average, Adequate
  • Your current Credit Score; through third party and our proprietary methods

A good plan implemented today is better than a perfect plan tomorrow -George Patton


BullsEYE is a specific goal planning exercise that can be done to achieve any of your specific financial goals that might be due within the next few months, few years or decades.

BullsEYE lets you plan for any of your financial goals with accuracy of achieving the same without fail. The best part of this service is that it lets you keep track of your progress at any point in time and take corrective steps so that your goal is on track for achievement no matter what happens.

BullsEYE is ideally suited to attack specific large financial goals such as

  • Home Mortgage (Home Loan) payoff / foreclosure
  • Property purchase corpus building
  • Retirement funding
  • Children’s Education funding
  • High value holiday funding

Most people don't plan to fail, they fail to plan -John L. Beckley

Composite 360o

A comprehensive service that covers all your financial / investment advisory requirements.

A multi-year service where client engagement is at an ongoing level and we are committed to deliver 360o on your personal financial management.

  • Complete Financial plan – from advisory to execution to monthly monitoring
  • Advisory and execution on any asset class that the client needs exposure to
  • Tax planning – advice, consulting and filing support
  • Complete advisor support – mail, call
  • Door step service for entire execution & ad-hoc documentation support
  • 100% regulatory compliance (KYC, account regularization, consolidation support)
  • Help on fringe services such as wills, legal aid and complex tax computation/consultation
  • Full control of your finances – App, electronic reports and periodic statements